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18th July 2002

It has been just about a year since I last put out a report on my activities – mainly because my car was finished and I spent time using it rather than writing about it. This year started in April as far as Locosting goes, when I renewed the tax and insurance and booked an MOT test. That wasn’t a problem, but ever since early May it has rained almost every day, consequently the car remained firmly in the garage.

Now that I am on holiday I have some plans – I need a new engine, but here in Scotland at least there are no crossflows to be had. I have had several chats with a man at Errol (Mike Stewart Performance Engineering) who has lots of experience of these engines, and his advice is to get something newer (Zetec or similar). However, I am still hoping, mainly because I don’t want to have to rebuild the engine installation. I do intend to find someone to make a tonneau cover, and I have just finished a little wiring project: I always wanted a car which starts on a switch rather than a key, and with an afternoon’s tinkering I have got rid of the keyswitch and put in separate ignition and starter switches with those nice flip-up red covers. Very childish, but it looks good. Now I need an immobiliser….

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